Privacy policy

Information we collect

The International Children's Digital Library (ICDL) is committed to protecting the safety and privacy of our users, especially children. The ICDL does not require anyone to provide any personal information to use our site and no one is excluded from our site for not providing personal information. The ICDL does allow users to create an optional profile that provides access to extra features such as selecting a preferred reading language. If a user chooses to create a profile, we ask them to provide the following personal but not personally-identifiable information (only a user name and password are required):

  • User name
  • Password
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Preferred reading language

How we use your information

Users who register may choose to use their email address as their user name. This information will only be used for two purposes. First, it allows the ICDL to send users a new password if they forget their old one. Second, adult users who register with their email address may also opt to be on our mailing list to receive announcements about the ICDL (e.g. new features or books that have been added).

Once you have registered, you can log into the ICDL with your user name and password from any Internet-accessible computer. The ICDL uses "cookies" to establish a unique session each time you log in. A cookie is simply a unique number stored on your computer that the ICDL can use to identify you and make use of information in your profile as you navigate the site. This session automatically expires after a short period of inactivity or when you log out to prevent unauthorized users from modifying your profile. If you prefer not to use cookies, a unique number is generated and appears in the address of each page as you navigate in the ICDL.

The ICDL does not sell or distribute for any reason the information we collect in your profile to any third party or use it for commerce-related purposes. The information is stored internally in a database used by the ICDL team at the University of Maryland. We use the information to personalize your experience with the library. We also generate anonymous statistics about how people use the ICDL so we can improve our site. These statistics are generated using unique user identification numbers, not user names, so your usage is not personally identifiable.