How ICDL Book Readers Work

Since the primary goal of the ICDL is to support reading books online, we are continuously working to improve the user experience of reading books. To this end, we now offer many of our books with PopoutText and ClearText, two significant new book reading technologies that improve readability, accessibility, and offer the potential of displaying translations in place, and allowing people to switch the language of the book page by page as they read – which is a great way to learn other languages.

  1. PopoutText: This book reader lets people magnify just the text portion of a book page by clicking on the text. Once the text is magnified, clicking again will return the page back to the original display. You can tell if a book can be magnified in this way by moving the mouse over the text of a book page and a dashed rectangle appears which surrounds the text saying "Click to enlarge text".
    Popout highlighted

    Popout displayed

  2. ClearText: This book reader lets people see a different version of the text in place, and enables the text size to be changed, or read aloud using a standard screen reader. It works by visually removing the text from the original image of the book, and then using the web browser to display the text on top of the image of the book.

When Is Each Book Reader Used?

  • By default, all books are displayed with the "Standard" book reader – which simply displays the image of each book page.
  • If we have done the appropriate processing for a book (to identify the location of each text block), then we display the book using PopoutText.
  • If a book has been transcribed or translated, then we display the book using ClearText.

You can always see the original images of the book pages by clicking on the "Standard" book reader icon underneath the image of any page when reading a book.