ICDL Communities

Project summary

ICDL Communities extends the ICDL by:

  • enabling children's communities to develop around the book collection;
  • building tools that allow intercultural communication between children without the use of machine translation; and,
  • promoting cross-cultural understanding.

ICDL Communities provides a supportive, safe environment for children who speak different languages and are from different cultures to come together using activities related to books in the ICDL as common ground.

In ICDL Communities, children generate personal profiles using drawings and photographs. They read books in their own language, and create and share new stories with children from other countries. They exchange questions and answers about their own stories and other children's stories.


In the Summer and Fall of 2005, the ICDL Communities team will work with school children in Hungary, Mexico, and the United States. Because these children may not speak the same language, the team continues to develop the communication tools that allow them to communicate with each other through pictures. Findings from preliminary evaluations of the team's research reveal that children are excited about communicating with children in other countries and like to share images of and information about themselves.