Research Programs

1. The 10,000 Book Program

We launched our Library with the goal of collecting 10,000 award-winning children's books representing more than 100 cultures.  Today, we are approaching the halfway point. The current collection reflects 35 languages and more than 40 countries. Every $25 donation means another book towards our 10K goal.

2. Adopt a Country Program

A primary goal of the International Children's Digital Library is to offer access to books from every country in the world. To build a collection this broad, it is critical to have the necessary resources. As large as the Library is, there are still many countries that are underrepresented. The costs of securing and digitizing these collections are surprisingly high. Through this program members can contribute funds specifically targeted at bringing in books from a specified country. If you would like to be sure that your favorite country's children's literature is properly represented, please consider donating to this truly global effort.

3. Kidsteam Program

The Library has a very simple design credo, to wit, the best designs for children come from children. Through our research and development work at the University of Maryland and elsewhere, we have evolved our design process to embrace and challenge kids to become the designers of their own educational technology. Through our award winning, Kidsteam program, we do not turn children into focus group members or kids into product testers. Rather we simply have let them build their own library.

4. The Academic Research Partner Program

To better understand how digital libraries can best meet children’s needs, researchers for a wide variety of academic disciplines must work with children's literature the world over. To support these on-going academic efforts, members can direct their donations towards this program.

5. Laptops, Networks and Learning Program

As laptops and other mobile technologies evolve to better meet the needs of children around the world, so too must the software and network technology that will make these devices desirable by children and their teachers. By sponsoring our Laptop, Networks and Learning program, your contributions will help defray the costs associated with making certain that the International Children's Digital Library can be accessed through any hardware regardless of size and technical specification.

6. The Children's Digital Hospital Program

Children in hospitals need digital books.  The International Children's Digital Library hopes to make available to children's hospitals around the world a subset of  its collection. Our "Library on Wheels" can easily move from room to room and has been designed to operate with or without a network.

7. Children's Media Expansion Program (children's music, radio, television, and motion pictures collection)

Within this decade, the Library is committed to expanding its collection to include children's music and moving pictures. This expansion of our original charter represents our most ambitious future challenge. Donations here will allow us to address the many legal and technical  issues as we build out.