The ICDL collection includes books both in and out of copyright from various sources around the globe. Our goal is to reflect as many of our world's cultures as possible. Therefore, we rely on the international participation of libraries, publishers, authors, and illustrators to insure that our collection remains as diverse as possible.

The book contribution process involves selecting the books, obtaining rights for ICDL to make the books available on-line, digitizing the books, and entering metadata for the books. The ICDL team is available to assist you in all stages of this process.

In considering books for inclusion in the ICDL, please refer to our Collection Development Policy. Please note that we do not include "born digital" books in the ICDL at this time. Only physical books that have been published are included in the collection. If you are unsure whether a book meets our selection criteria, please send us a copy of the book for review.

If you are a library, author, publisher or illustrator and are interested in submitting works into the ICDL, contact us to inquire about the submission process.

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