Metadata instructions

Using the ICDL Metadata Form, metadata must be submitted for each book to be included in ICDL. The more accurate and complete information you provide in the metadata form, the better quality library ICDL can create. Read the ICDL Metadata Specification, which defines our fields, our motivations, and our bibliographic conventions.  If you have problems reading English, we will try to find a translator to help you.

  1. Enter the metadata in the language of book (Required)

    • If your book is multi-lingual, please use the language you feel most comfortable with. We encourage you to use the non-English language if you know it.
    • Required fields are marked in bold.
    • If a field is confusing, click the ? icon for more information.
    • The book should always be your primary source for information. "Book" will be the default source field. If you are receiving information from another source, please list it. You may find information in different parts of the book ( e.g. title page, cover page, title page verso, series title page, and cover). For some fields, we specify the preferred parts of the book you should use. If you provide information from a source other than in your books, you will be asked to enter the source.
    Note: If the metadata is in English or you are not comfortable translating and/or transliterating go to Step 4, after completing Step 1.
  2. Translate to English (Optional)

    If the metadata is not in English, translate specified elements into English, if you feel qualified. Otherwise, we will find someone else to translate.
  3. Transliterate (Optional)

    Transliteration is a system for representing text in the Roman alphabet for languages which have a writing system using non-Roman script. For example:
    • Original Language: Белый пудель
    • Translation: White poodle
    • Transliteration: Belyi pudel'
    For languages that use a non-Roman script, transliterate specified elements according to the Library of Congress Romanization Tables. If your language is not covered by Library of Congress Tables, or if you are interested in using another standard, please contact us. If you do not feel qualified to transliterate, we will find someone else to do so.
  4. Submit to ICDL (Required)

    After translating and/or transliterating click on the the submit button. You will have a chance to review your metadata before it is sent to ICDL. We will process the information that you provide and will send you a presentation of the book metadata for you to review. We reserve final editorial rights for consistency in the ICDL library.

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