Scanning instructions

  1. Scan the book in its entirety, according to the technical specifications, naming conventions, and guidelines listed below.
  2. Send scans on CD-ROM or DVD to the address at right. If you would prefer to ftp the scans, or have us download them, please contact us to make arrangements.

Technical Specifications

  • File Format
    Uncompressed TIFF
  • Pixel depth
    24 bit color
  • Spatial resolution
    300 dpi
  • Example
    caralic-0001.tif (11.5 MB)

Naming Convention

Filenames should use the format <id>-####.tif where:

  • <id>
    7 character unique book identifier, ideally of the format aaatttt where aaa is the first three letters of the primary creator's last name and tttt is the first four characters of the book title (excluding articles such as the, a, etc.)
  • ####
    4 digit scan number, padded with zeros and beginning at 1 (e.g., 0001)
  • Example
    Charles Lamb, The Adventures of Ulysses: lamadve-0001.tif


  • Scan the book cover to cover, including blank pages. Scan 0001 is assumed to be the front cover. If all pages are scanned, there should be an even number of scans.
  • All scans should represent a single page, even if an image spans multiple pages.
  • Crop the scan to the edge of the page. Please make all scans, including the cover page, the same size and dimensions (i.e. number of pixels), or as close to the same size as possible.
  • Scan pages with rotated images as they appear in the book. Do not rotate the scan.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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