Sharing personal connections and memories

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The beautiful pond

Written by Kambiz Kakavand; published in Iran; written in Persian/Farsi. Read book »

Dana: I liked the pictures of the frog. He plays an instrument like me.

Jenny: Oh - this is my favorite book. The frog has got a funny, smiley face. He seems friendly. I used to go fishing with a net when I was eight. Have you ever done that? You find really cool animals in ponds. It's fun.

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The twelve magic changelings

Written by M. A. Glen; published in the United States; written in English. Read book »

Dana: I liked the dolls in the book. One looked like my old cat Pete.

Jenny: This is my second favorite book. All the animals look so friendly. I remember your cat Pete. He was a nice cat.

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My first book of proverbs

Written and illustrated by Ralfka Gonzalez & Ana Ruiz; published in the United States; written in English and Spanish. Read book »

Dana: I like the purple pigs and the sunrise rooster.

Jenny: I do too. This is my third choice. I used to have rooster who lived behind my house and woke me up every morning. Sometimes I didn't like getting woken up.