Heroes, princesses, ghostly encounters, and dogs from space

Read a French fantasy, a Croatian fairy tale, and a Canadian sci-fi chapter book.

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Written by Annegert Fuchshuber; published in France; written in French. Read book »

This beautifully illustrated book depicts a familiar fantasy in which a child creates a world of his own full of friendship and adventure and where he is a hero.

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The tale of Sigismunda and Krpimir

Written by Sanja Lovrencic; published in Croatia; written in English. Read book »

This charming story is a classic tale of love and trust winning out over greed and deceit. This book is also available in the ICDL in Croatian.

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Prietita and the ghost woman = Prietita y la llorona

Written by Gloria Anzaldúa; published in the United States; written in English and Spanish. Read book »

This book's lush illustrations tell the story of a young girl's courage as she struggles to save her mother's life.

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A time for Evron

Written by Bryan Smillie; published in Canada; written in English. Read book »

This is an endearing story where you can read about kids who are coping with real-life problems (with a little help from their favorite dog!). The author has been honored with an invitation to read portions of his book at the 2005 Word on the Street, Canada's national book and magazine festival to celebrate reading and publishing. Congratulations, Bryan!