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Written by Ivana Brlic-Mazuranic; published in Croatia; written in Croatian. Read book »

I like the illustrations in this book. I can't read the language, but I can read the summary. It tells which character is good and which is evil, and that is very helpful for everyone.

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The fairy of dreams

Written by Mahdokht Kashkouli; published in Iran; written in Persian/Farsi. Read book »

Nice pictures! And I also love the story. Good health is the greatest treasure in our life. And I do wish every child could have good health.

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Dokdok laughs ha ha ha!

Written by Shawky Hegab; published in Egypt; written in Arabic. Read book »

My son will love this book because it is green. And the story is really interesting and happy. The birds meet a lot of other animals and different things happen. All are fun!