Favorites from New Zealand

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The duck in the gun

Written by Joy Cowley; published in New Zealand; written in English. Read book »

Joy Cowley and Robyn Belton have a magical way with words and pictures that bring this message for peace alive. The war was all ready to begin when a duck was discovered nesting in the only cannon...

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Weaving earth and sky

Written by Robert Sullivan; published in New Zealand; written in English. Read book »

I find it interesting to compare the creation stories from around the world - and this is a particularly fine, poetically written and beautiful book telling six traditional Maori tales. This book won the 2003 New Zealand Post Book of the Year Award.

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Taming the taniwha

Written by Tim Tipene; published in New Zealand; written in English Read book »

Bullying is a problem a lot of us have to deal with. I like the way Tim Tipene shows the transformation of the bully from taniwha (a kind of monster) to a friendly boy and the positive and peaceful way this is done. ICDL also has a copy of this book in Maori.

Huia Publishers have contributed three books in English and Maori to the ICDL - look for the others and Cry baby moon, too.