Cats, dogs, and a brand new room with Kim Ha

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Blonde ear

Written by Khaled Jumm'a; published in Palestine; written in Arabic and English. Read book »

Like many people, I have a soft spot for cats of all different shapes, sizes and colors. What better animals to send us a message of acceptance and of listening to one another! I especially like the rounded whimsical renderings of these lovely cats.

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Nobody's dog

Written by Patricia Andjelković; published in Serbia and Montenegro; written in English. Read book »

This picture book is filled with colorful illustrations and a simple story yet powerful message of love and helping others. The story reminds me of how I came into possession of my cat, who brings me great joy everyday.

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My very own room

Written by Amada Irma Pérez; published in the United States; written in English and Spanish Read book »

Filled with vibrant colors over every inch of these pages, this is a lovely story about how a family came together to help a girl realize her dream of a space of her very own to read, write and dream.