Books about helpful children with Julie Simon

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Written by Gasaje Agusitini; published in Rwanda; written in Kinyarwanda. Read book »

This book shows how a young girl can make a difference. Kageni helps the animals near her village and invites a lonely woman to become part of their village family. I like how she cares for both animals and people. Even though I cannot read the words, the illustrations tell the story beautifully.

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Tamari of Tamarinda

Written by Ignatius C. Musonza; published in Rwanda; written in English. Read book »

I like how the child in this story helps her village become colorful once again. Tamari is very lazy at the beginning of the story, but with the help of some kind bees she learns the value of working hard. There are days I would like those bees to visit my household!

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Nobody's dog

Written by Patricia Andjelković; published in Serbia and Montenegro; written in English. Read book »

The child in this story helps lonely, homeless dogs find someone to love them. My family has done the same for many cats - three of whom live with us. The illustrations show how happy the people and the dogs are to be together.