Cat stories with Katie George

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Axle the freeway cat

Written by Thacher Hurd; published in the United States; written in English. Read book »

I heard so much about Axle, I just had to read about him... and what's not to like? Axle is an independent man/cat living on his own in his cool bachelor pad/broken down vehicle! He's a vital part of his community, cleaning up litter on the freeway. He's a hero when he fixes the little cat's car. And best of all, in the end he finds a friend – someone with whom to share his milk and harmonica music. Axle proves that no man is an island and reminds us how important friends are!

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Frightened Miško

Written by Simeon Marinković; published in Serbia and Montenegro; written in Serbian. Read book »

I don't speak Serbian, but the cute, quirky pictures told the story well enough on their own. Miško's afraid of everything – puppets, cats, kitchen appliances – but with his grandparents' help, he's able to overcome most, if not all, of his fears. The illustrations are bright and expressive. It’s easy to see why Miško could be scared. It's also nice to know that everyone, including granddad, is afraid of something!

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The cat and the stars

Written by Kambiz Kakavand; published in Iran; written in Persian/Farsi. Read book »

Colorful, expressive, abstract illustrations tell the story of a hungry cat. With no fish in the pond and no birds in the trees, our cat grows tiny purple wings and heads for the stars, only to arrive home safely in the end. The abstract story was a bit difficult to follow from the pictures alone, but something tells me the words don't necessarily make the story clearer. This is simply a delightfully odd day in the life of a smirking cat.