Animal stories with Tanya and Jim Torres

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Blinky Bill: The quaint little Australian

Written by Dorothy Wall; published in Australia; written in English. Read book »

Jim is from Australia, and we'd like to introduce our child to the animals and the language of his father's country. We also like this story because it starts out with Blinky Bill as a baby Koala bear and we're about to have a baby, too.

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The animal's ball

Written by Eugen Osswald; published in Germany; written in German. Read book »

This book has wonderful pictures with many different animals doing lots of strange things. While we don't read German, the odd poses of the animals will make for lively story-telling and give us a chance to practice all our animal noises.

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The wish

Written by Qodsi Qaazinouri; published in Iran; written in Persian/Farsi. Read book »

Jim comes from Australia, a country without squirrels, and has been fascinated by them ever since arriving in the US. Squirrels are the underdogs of the animal kingdom of urban America. They are much smarter and cuter than they are given credit for. This book had the best drawings of squirrels. We can make up squirrel voices to go along with the story.