Swahili books with Elizabeth Warrick

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Journey into space

Written by Anthony Mwangi; published in Kenya; written in Swahili. Read book »

I love this book because it talks about 3 smart Kenyan scientists with big ideas and plenty of determination. One day while on a camping trip they come across a small stone, which is so heavy that they cannot lift it. The story is full of suspense as they discover that this rock is from a different planet. Of course, the next step is to go find this place. You will want to go on the exciting journey into space with these bright scientists!

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Written by Tuf; published in Kenya; written in Swahili. Read book »

I like this funny-sad story because the good guy wins in the end, although he goes through some pretty tough times. Manywele is a man with rasta hair who knows how to heal a disease that makes people grow hair all over their bodies and laugh until they die. The things that the characters say are exactly as you would hear them said in Kenya! I hope Tuf writes more adventures about Manywele.

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Haiba and the seven dwarves

Written by Pilli Dumea; published in Kenya; written in Swahili. Read book »

This is Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, written in Kiswahili. It was always one of my favorite stories, and now I can read it in two languages that I love! The name "Haiba" means charming or graceful in Kiswahili.