Cats, dogs, and cranes with Christine Sartwell

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I'm not going to chase the cat today

Written by Jessica Harper; published in the United States; written in English. Read book »

I like this book because the animals all get along instead of chasing each other. Since they are all getting along, everyone is happy and they have a party with the lady that owns the house. The illustrations are funny and fit well with the story.

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Magic dogs of the volcanoes

Written by Manlio Argueta; published in the United States; written in English and Spanish. Read book »

This book is one of many legends about magic dogs that protect people in El Salvador. I like reading legends from all cultures and the illustrations in this book are beautiful. The story is also kind of funny when the dogs and the volcanoes decide how to chase away the soldiers that are trying to get rid of the dogs.

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Ciconia Ciconia

Written by Andrea Petrlik Huseinović; published in Croatia; written in English. Read book »

This is the story of a crane that gets chased away from his home by a war. He goes to many different places, but none are as nice as his home was in Croatia. He finally hears about a village in Croatia that is still beautiful where many cranes live. I think it is fun to learn about different countries and this book tells you a little about Croatia. There are also a couple of pages in the back that give you a lot more information about Croatia.