Gifts, duck and friends with Tim Daniel

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The quiltmaker's gift

Written by Jeff Brumbeau; published in the United States; written in English. Read book »

Do you share with your friends?  This wonderful story is about a King who loves to receive presents but cannot bring himself to share with anyone.  The quiltmaker, however, refuses to give the King one of her beloved handmade quilts until he learns how to give to others.  This story will make you happy!

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The duck in the gun

Written by Joy Cowley; published in the New Zealand; written in English. Read book »

What would you do if a duck lived in your cannon?  The General and his men have an answer in this extremely funny book.

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Friends from the other side

Written by Gloria Anzaldúa ; published in the United States; written in English and Spanish. Read book »

How do you think Joaquin feels before Prietita becomes his friend?  How does he feel afterwards?  This story reminds us that all people have dignity regardless of where they live or how they look.