Monsters and Cats with Dana Druin Bederson

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Sydney and the sea monster

Written by David Elliot; published in the New Zealand; written in English. Read book »

This is a funny book.  It's funny and weird because the box blows up.

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Axle the freeway cat

Written by Thacher Hurd; published in the United States; written in English. Read book »

This book is unusual because real cats don't play harmonicas or drive on the highway.  Axle does things other cats don't do.

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The cat with a bell

Written by Augie D. Rivera, Jr.; published in Philippines; written in English and Filipino. Read book »

This book is about a smart mouse and meat.  The meat is the most important thing because without the meat the mice would not have been saved from the cat. When the mouse was stretched out it was funny.