Two German books and angry Sophie with Daina Bolsteins

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Meins Ganz Allein

Written by Annegert Fuchshuber; published in Deutschland; written in Deutsch. Read book »

Love the story, love the simple yet realistic-looking illustrations, love being able to read a book in German!  This story reminds the reader of the benefits – and often unknown positive consequences – of sharing.

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When Sophie gets angry--really, really angry

Written by Molly Bang; published in the United States; written in English. Read book »

Fabulous artwork and a great story.  We all, whether we are 3 or 33 or 93 years old, have moments when we become angry and often the best solution is to commune with nature.

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Why the Little Dolphin Tumbles Head over Heels and Other Stories

Written by Ana Maria Machado; published in Brazil; written in German. Read book »

Another wonderful book with beautiful illustrations.  My favorite is the picture of the duckling sitting under a tree, reading a book!