Stories about Grandmas with Mandy DeMott

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Grandma and Me at the Flea

Written by Juan Felipe Herrera; English and Spanish. Read book »


Juanito helps his grandmother prepare for an exciting Sunday working at the local flea market in Southern California. Once they arrive at the flea market, Juanito and his friends Floribey and Danny run errands for Grandma and the other vendors and enjoy some interesting snacks. This bilingual English-Spanish book is filled with colorful illustrations and dialogue and would appeal to elementary-aged kids and anyone trying to learn Spanish.

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Things I Like About Grandma

Written by Francine Haskins; English. Read book »

The little girl in this story becomes Grandma's biggest helper as she assists with planting flowers and vegetables, helping Grandma make quilts, and baking cookies and cakes to take to the senior citizen home nearby. She accompanies Grandma to church and to the hairdresser and is rewarded with a yummy lunch and a visit to the bakery. And she gets to try on Grandma's wig! This is a fun easy-to-follow story with great pictures.

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Crayfishing with Grandmother

Written by Jill Bagnall; English and Maori. Read book »

This Maori story is about a boy named Wira and his experience crayfishing with his older brother Ruka and his grandmother and grandfather. Wira's grandmother, Nan, is great at diving and catches many crayfish but his grandfather just sits on the beach and watches! At lunchtime, Grandfather gives Ruka and Wira coins and they race to the soft-drink factory to get raspberry pop. After they get back, the family shares the fresh bread they brought with them. I loved learning about crayfishing (the crayfish are lobster-sized!) and Maori culture, both of which I knew very little about.