Books from South America

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Me Gusta Leer (I love to read)

Written by Liliana Santirso; Spanish. Read book »

This delightful story from Argentina uses sepia-colored drawings to reveal the world of imagination waiting inside each book.

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Garabato y Sus Amigos (Garabato's Friends)

Written by Carlota Flores Scaramutti de Naveda; Spanish. Read book »

This book of Peruvian rhymes includes brightly colored illustrations of Garabato, the duck, having fun with four of his good friends.

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Ponto a Ponto (Stitch by Stitch)

Written by Ana Maria Machado; Portuguese. Read book »

This gorgeous book from Brazil features illustrations in fabric, embroidery and needlepoint.  The book is written in Portuguese, the official language of Brazil.