Persian Picture Books

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Apple Mother

Written by Marjan Keshavarzi Azad; Persian/Farsi. Read book »

The imagery used in this book is purely delightful. I fell in love with the little apple right from the beginning. I love the story and the illustrations so much that I wanted to be that pine tree. The message and the symbols used teach children the value of friendship, trust, sharing and love. This one is definitely on my gift list.

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Bigwig Zero

Written by Kambiz Kakavand; Persian/Farsi. Read book »

At first kids were sad when I read this story to them, but then the happy ending of the chubby zero's life took their sadness away. They were all giggling and smiling that Bigwig Zero found its place in a lively, colorful sketch book and was not part of the ugly and boring dictation book.

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The Cherries in Paradise are Ripe

Written by Hadis Lazar Gholami; Persian/Farsi. Read book »

This emotive story starts off dreamy and melancholic. The little girl who misses her mother tremendously finds a perfect way to be with her. And if like me you adore making marmalades and jams with kids, you will find this book a treasure--one that touches your heart softly with hope and rays of light.