Book contribution FAQ

What are the benefits of having a book included in the ICDL?

Books included in the ICDL benefit from increased exposure to children, librarians, teachers, parents, and scholars around the world. The ICDL provides exposure to a worldwide market. It may promote and highlight up-coming authors and illustrators; expand markets; facilitate publishing or co-publishing opportunities; encourage translation; create global awareness of titles and series; and identify interest in out of print titles, which may be considered candidates for re-printing. Publishers and other rights holders may request information regarding the number of times that specific titles are accessed through the collection from the ICDL Research Team.

The ICDL also provides a means of preserving quality children’s literature that might otherwise be lost to the world. As the collection expands, it will offer access to historical materials heretofore available only in special collections in libraries and institutes throughout the world.

Will the ICDL provide a link to sources where potential customers may purchase a print version of the book?

The ICDL will provide links to the web sites of publishers, authors, illustrators or other rights holders who contribute books to the collection.

What kinds of permissions does the ICDL seek from rights holders?

The ICDL seeks only the non-exclusive right to reproduce digital versions of the books and make them freely available for public display through the International Children’s Digital Library web site located at

How does the ICDL protect the interests of rights holders?

The ICDL includes a copyright notice and an acknowledgment of the rights holder’s license with the University of Maryland in all displays and publications for each book in the collection.

The ICDL also employs technological measures that are designed to prevent the downloading, printing, and unauthorized further display and/or distribution of the books in the collection. Rights holders may choose the security levels they prefer for each title, which are described in our Copyright License.

What is needed to include a book in the ICDL?

The ICDL Research Team requires three items in order to include a book in the collection: