Information for Authors and Publishers

The ICDL collection includes books from various sources around the globe with the goal of reflecting as many of our world's cultures as possible. We rely on the international participation of libraries, publishers, authors, and illustrators to insure that our collection remains as diverse as possible.
If you are a library, author, publisher or illustrator and are interested in contributing books into the ICDL, please access our step-by-step guide:

  1. Introduction
    Find out the basics of submitting books into the ICDL.
  2. Licensing
    Download copyright licenses in six languages.
  3. Scanning instructions
    Access detailed instructions for digitizing books, including guidelines, technical specifications, and naming conventions.
  4. Metadata instructions
    Access a step-by-step guide to entering the information required for the ICDL team to catalog and provide access to your books.
  5. Brochures & FAQ's
    Download informative ICDL brochures and FAQs suitable for printing.

Helpful links

  • Book contribution FAQ
    Find out the benefits of including a book in the ICDL, how the ICDL protects rights holders, and more.
  • Collection development policy
    Examine the criteria used to select books that are appropriate for the ICDL collection.
  • Metadata specification
    Access the complete specification which defines the fields, motivations, and bibliographic conventions used to catalog the books in the ICDL collection.