53 new books

Over the month of July, we've added 53 new books and two new book contributors to our collection!

  • Our new book contributors include two books in French from the Editions Quart Monde publishing company and an English book from author Bryan Smillie.
  • We also added 13 more Malay books from Malaysia, six of which were in a script called Jawi. Readers searching for Malay books can now select the script they prefer.
  • Four books from the Jewish National and University Library were added to the collection.
  • We are continuing to scan and add books from our Iranian book contributor, Shabaviz Publishing, and this month we’ve added 29 more Persian/Farsi books from them.
  • Finally, two biographies from Kenya and a German book were added as well.

See all the new books added this month and tell us what you think!