ICDL gets a makeover

Welcome to the new face of ICDL! After nearly three years, our Web site was ready for a change. We developed our new look with valuable feedback from our international and librarian advisors, volunteer ambassadors, our local community, and the College Park Kidsteam.

However, the changes to the Web site are more than just cosmetic. We are proud to introduce a new member feature via the myICDL Account: the Bookshelf. Registered users can now save their favorite ICDL books in a personalized bookshelf, which even includes a bookmark feature to remember the last page read in each book on the shelf!

We are also delighted to announce that our library is now available in ten languages! With the help of volunteers from the Semiotic Engineering Research Lab in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, we have added Portuguese to the list of available interface languages. Registered users can choose to have the library automatically displayed in Portuguese when they are logged in.

As we near our third anniversary, we are are pleased to look back on our progress and look ahead to further growth and development. We hope that you will find the new Web site accessible and easy to navigate. Please take a look around and tell us what you think!

For more information, please visit our latest Press Release.