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  • December 27, 2010
    StoryKit in New York Times
    College Park, MD
    The New York Times included StoryKit in their list of "top picks." StoryKit is our family-friendly iPhone app which children can use to create stories on their phone (or iPod Touch) with text, pictures and other story elements. Download it for free and give it a try.
  • August 17, 2010
    Regardless of Format, Reading Hooks Us
    Fredericksburg, VA
    Read how one reference librarian in Virginia went online to the International Children's Digital Library to help a local man find books in Farsi that he could read to his children. This librarian shared, "Our [local] library could never afford to purchase the more than 4,000 children's books available free in languages from Afrikaans to Yiddish.” Read more.
  • May 4, 2010
    "Redesigning the Web for Touch Screens" in Technology Review
  • April 1, 2010
    "What's in my school bag?" in FutureGov, April 2010


  • December 8, 2009
    Sugar Labs announcement
    Paris, France
    The ICDL was a featured partner in the recent announcement out of Paris by Sugar Labs, the volunteer-driven nonprofit provider of the Sugar Learning Platform. They announced Sugar on a Stick, the next version of the operating system for One Laptop Per Child, now serving over one million children around the world.


  • October 3, 2008
    "Global Foundation Offers Children's Digital Library" in
    Doha, Qatar
  • September 18, 2008
    "Kids Help Design International Children's Digital Library: Top holdings in English, Persian and Mongolian" in
  • February 25, 2008
    "Partnerships with Children's Digital Library Benefit Kids" in School Library Journal
  • February 21, 2008
    "Literary treasures, kid-friendly format" in The Boston Globe
    Boston, MA



  • July 6, 2004
    "Yours for the Taking" in School Library Journal



  • December 5, 2002
    "Online Library Project Plans a Digital and Cultural Trove for Children" in The New York Times
  • November 27, 2002
    "Digital library to unite kids through global e-literature" in USA Today
  • November 21, 2002
    "Website brings free children's library online" in The Guardian
  • November 21, 2002
    "Online Library for Children Aims for 10,000 Titles and Child-Friendly Design, With Professors' Help" in The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • November 21, 2002
    "A Library For Young Browsers" in The Washington Post
  • November 19, 2002
    "Tales of Oz, Wonderland Go Online" in Wired News
  • November 18, 2002
    "Library for Kids Goes Online" at National Public Radio
  • October 1, 2002
    "U of MD Creates International Digital Library" in School Library Journal

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